art rooster


Art Rooster provides exclusive artwork for your home or office. All of our images are unique scenes of the Caribbean circa 1950’s and will not be found anywhere else.

Story about art rooster: Back in 2011 Greg and Jenny DeGorsky ventured into Key West, Florida where they were inspired by the roosters that ran around freely upon the streets. Additionally, when walking upon Duval street one will find no shortage of fabulous artwork by all kinds of artists. Since they had been creating art since the late 1980’s they decided to combine their works and create a new place that embodies their experiences and works of art.

From 2010 to 2014
Greg and Jenny ran their own art studio called Boca Art on Palmetto Park Road in Boca Raton, Florida. Located just blocks from the beach over the years they focused on their oil paintings, photography, and writings. During that time they generated some wonderful pieces and works which were only made available through auctions.

Today Greg and Jenny have moved back to Bloomfield Hills, Michigan where they are now focused on making their work available through Art Rooster and exclusive gallery events & shows.

Some of the works presented here can also be seen as illustrations in the children’s book “The Christmas Pirate” –